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I started working on cross stitch patterns in an attempt to calm a busy mind. The pandemic has given me more than enough to worry about and dampened down any opportunities to fill my inspiration buckets – so to speak – so in my mind and on screen I go to my happy places. The beach and a forest are my go-tos to find peace. My patterns often focus on the lovely little details, while at the same time reducing them to pixels of colour. I’m happy to share these little adventures with you. Thanks for joining me…



Ocean Floor

I remember with vivid colour, the first time I went snorkling. Floating away from the shore line, I was relaxed as I can ever imagine. Then as if in a Disney movie, the scene before me was magical, dancing fish and coral in colours that took my breath away. I will relive that moment again some day. I can’t wait. 


Forest Bathing

Being in a forest feels like medicine to me. Thick with dewy air, it just seems good. The colours, the filtered light, the sounds of life all around. I just want to be silent. Calming my mind is effortless. Moving through and being in this soup of gentle energy is like nothing else. I want to take you with me, so you can feel it too.


Life is too short to take it seriously.

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